Mask Match

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What is Maskmatch?

Mask match is a career matching service at MSK that recruit’s and shortlist’s candidates on behalf of our corporate members and other organizations who fall within our stakeholders. It is an add value to all marketing professionals registered as members with the society.
MSK receives numerous requests from employers to recommend qualified marketing professionals for excellent marketing opportunities within their organizations.

How does it work?

For employers

Step 1:

  • Provide a clear profile of your organization
  • Send the vacancy details specifying the position, role and station and salary range information will be shared at the employer’s discretion.

Step 2:

  • Indicate the level of service needed:
  • Profiling candidates and sending CVs
  • Background check of candidate
  • Engaging in interview process with employer
  • Guiding the whole HR process-from sourcing to hiring

Cost Implications

MSK charges a professional fee for this service. If there is an agreement to undertake any structured interviewing sessions on the candidates an equivalent to one month’s pay of the selected individual is payable to MSK.If MSK agrees to submit only CVs of the interested candidates the fee payable is Kshs 10,000 inclusive of VAT. In the unlikely event of non-selection of the forwarded individuals or the one selected doesnot take up the offer, then MSK will provide a second shortlist.

For Members

Register or renew your annual subscription to the society as a member

Step 2:
Send your updated CV to

Step 3:
We will then contact you, if your profile matches the requirements of the job vacancy presented.

Companies hiring with MSK

assa-abloygoogle keroche-breweries knight-frank mhasibu oriflame toyota unity-homes
Make an Enquiry

To enquire about this service please fill in the form below

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Submit your CV

Submit your CV to the Maskamatch Database

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