• MSK Gala Awards 2016 Newsletter

    24 March 2017
    MSK 2016

    The MSK Gala Awards aims to award marketing excellence in Kenya, therefore setting standards in the marketing industry. The focus is to award brands and the teams who have showed exemplary marketing excellence in the year 2016. This years theme was Brand Building : Back to Basics. Download Newsletter – 1 MB

  • Understanding Sustainability and Marketing

    18 April 2016

    In the twentieth century, marketing became a new driver of change in society. Beyond the awareness that the products we consume are marketed to us; we should also be aware that marketing processes also determine the political leaders we choose, where we invest our savings, where we go to learn, whether we take care of

  • Marketing a Brand in Crisis

    11 November 2015

    In life, there is no person, object or company which is perfect and the same applies to brands. Every brand runs the risk of getting into a state of crisis if not managed properly. In today’s competitive world, reputation is everything. The definition of a brand is quite well known, however, it should be noted

Tony Gatheca

Tony Gatheca

Tony is the immediate past Chairman of MSK. He has been a member for the past 8 years. 2 as an ordinary member, 2 as a council member, 2 as a Vice Chair and 2 as Chairman in the year 2012-2014. He oversaw the growth of the Society from an income of kshs 5.5M in 2012 to kshs 18M in 2014, a 300% improvement.