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Brand Management & Planning

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29 Apr

Brand Management & Planning

Brands are among the most valuable corporate assets. This course is about how brands are viewed, built, managed, and measured to ensure firms’ superiority and sustainability in profits. To explore such issues, this course provides relevant and up-to-date theories, concepts, techniques, and models in branding.

You will learn:

  1. Why being smart isn’t enough to create a big brand
  2. Why you should build a cult…not a company
  3. How to start with why
  4. When to burn your business plan
  5. How to create your own market
  6. When to rebrand to avoid confusion
  7. When your customers aren’t who you think they are
  8. How to get edgy
  9. Attention to detail in the small stuff
  10. When to burn your ships “Customers”

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April 29, 2021