Block B - Unit 5 at 51 Lenana Road Kilimani
Nairobi, Kenya
Mon - Fri 8.30 am - 17.00 pm


MSK is a society of members operating under Section 10 of the Society’s Act. As a nonprofit making organization, MSK is committed and focused on the teaching of good marketing practice. MSK has been conducting courses for marketing practitioners since 1978 and our alumni now reads like a who is who in marketing.

Our current program features an Executive diploma, a Practitioners diploma, a Practitioners Certificate, a Post Graduate diploma, an Academic diploma, and an academic Certificate, a variety of short course(s) and numerous seminar/workshop courses.

All our lecturers are required to have had a successful stint as Brand Managers, Marketing Managers and or Sales Managers in established organizations, in addition to solid academic credentials in Marketing or their field of study. They must also meet the requirements for application for the MSK full membership category and must be members of the society before they are allowed to deliver training.

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