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MSK has launched the call for entries for the 2023 Gala Awards. The MSK Awards is a recognition of real excellence in marketing and aims to celebrate work that’s born in companies with cultures where innovation and creativity thrive to grow business.

Scheduled for November 24th, 2023, at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) in Nairobi, the 2023 MSK Gala Awards will center around the theme “IGNITING EXCELLENCE IN MARKETING“

The objective of this event is to inspire and motivate marketers to strive for unparalleled excellence in their endeavors. With a strong emphasis on innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking, the theme underlines their crucial roles in driving successful marketing campaigns.


Deadline for Entry: 25th October, 2023

Submission Fee: Ksh 10,000 per Entry

For more info:


MPESA Paybill Number: 712481

MPESA A/C No: Your Name/Organization


Bank: Stanbic, Branch – Chiromo

A/C Number: 0100000106814

A/C Name: Marketing Society of Kenya


Successful marketing isn’t just about selling products or services; it’s about building a genuine and lasting connection with your audience. This award recognizes brands that have excelled in understanding, engaging, and resonating with their customers, resulting in a seamless and powerful brand-consumer relationship.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Showcase excellent marketing strategies that bridged the gap between the brand and the consumer.
  2. Showcasing how they understood and connected with consumer
  3. Demonstrate the 360 – customer experience using different mediums (platforms)

In this category, we honor the most exceptional and impactful marketing campaign that has set new standards for creativity, effectiveness, and innovation. The award recognizes campaigns that have not only captured the audience’s attention but also addressed significant challenges and achieved tangible results. The award celebrates the holistic journey of a campaign, from its inception to its execution and the remarkable outcomes it has generated.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Describe the genesis of the nominated campaign: the reasons it was initiated, the challenges it was created to address, the problems it was developed to solve.
  2. Describe the development of the campaign: the planning process, the goal setting, the creative and media development, the scheduling
  3. Outline the activities and concrete results of this campaign, with timelines.
  4. Reference any attachments of supporting materials and how they provide evidence of the claims you have made in the above.

This award recognizes the exemplary efforts in introducing new products or services to the marketplace. A successful new product launch requires a keen understanding of consumer and market needs, creative strategies, innovation, and flawless execution. The award celebrates campaigns that not only bring fresh solutions to the market but also strategically position them for optimal impact.

The award recognizes campaigns that successfully breathe new life into established brands, transforming them into relevant and captivating offerings in the market.

This award recognizes exceptional achievements in designing and executing distribution and implementation strategies that effectively reach and engage the target audience. The award celebrates campaigns that showcase meticulous planning, innovative channel selection, measurable success, and significant Return on Investment (ROI).

The judges will evaluate:

  1. Content development plan
  2. Content Distribution Strategy (Channels/Mediums)
  3. Success of the strategy (quantifiable: subscriber and/or engagement)
  4. Measurable ROI
  5. Wins

This award recognizes exceptional efforts in sustainability marketing that effectively promote environmentally conscious practices and social responsibility.

This award honors outstanding achievements in crafting exceptional marketing strategies targeted at business audiences. It recognizes campaigns that effectively engage and resonate with B2B audiences, creating memorable experiences and establishing unique brand connections.

The Judges will evaluate:

  1. Strategy to reach out to business audiences outlining marketing objectives and income
  2. Engagement strategy and execution (memorable, engaging experiences, and unique connections) with their brands
  3. Content-driven campaign to accomplish the B2B marketing objectives

This award celebrates excellence in experiential marketing strategies that prioritize customer engagement, exceptional experiences, and the achievement of marketing objectives.

The Judges will evaluate:

  1. Customer engagement and experience strategy (outlining marketing objectives and outcome)
  2. Achievement of objectives and outcomes
  3. Content development with clear customer feedback

This award recognizes outstanding influencer marketing campaigns that significantly enhanced brand visibility. The award highlights campaigns that effectively utilized influencers to amplify brand reach and impact.

Judges will evaluate:

  1. Influencer specific campaigns, that had impact on brand visibility
  2. Selection of influencers (Followers, impact)

This award honors exceptional nonprofit organizations, charities, or government-led campaigns that prioritize cause-related marketing over revenue-driven outcomes. The award celebrates initiatives that make a positive impact on society and align with meaningful causes.

Judges will evaluate:

  1. Impact of the campaign (Engagement)
  2. Content development (message and selection of medium)


This award recognizes institutions that have demonstrated exceptional prowess in marketing by excelling in the MSK Mentorship program and showcasing vibrant marketing clubs through active participation in MSK events.

This award recognizes the achievements of marketing students who demonstrate exceptional skills and knowledge through the presentation of insightful and impactful case studies.

This awrad exclusively celebrates media innovation agencies that have demonstrated outstanding creativity and ingenuity in utilizing various forms of media (Print, Radio, TV OOH, Digital) to effectively reach and engage target audiences.

This award recognizes media houses that have showcased exceptional innovation in utilizing various media forms to effectively deliver content that emphasizes accessibility, affordability, and impactful engagement.

This prestigious award celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of a seasoned marketing professional who has demonstrated exceptional qualities and achievements in the field. It recognizes an individual who embodies excellence and has left a lasting mark on the marketing sector.

Qualifications for the Award

  1. Over 20 years of experience in the marketing sector.
  2. Demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles and achieve success.
  3. Demonstrated growth in various aspects, including economic success, leadership, and human resources development.
  4. Recognition by other reputable bodies or governmental organizations, such as OGH (Official Government Honors) or OBS (Other Bodies of Significance).
  5. Inculcation of strategies that promote the growth and advancement of the marketing sector.


  1. Companies are eligible to nominate their heads or individuals who have displayed exceptional qualities.
  2. Individuals may nominate themselves if they meet the award criteria.
  3. Nominations will also be made by the MSK Board, ensuring a comprehensive selection process.

The award recognizes an outstanding individual within companies and agencies who exemplifies a comprehensive mastery of marketing planning, from the inception of strategic concepts to their successful execution. The award celebrates professionals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise in various facets of marketing, contributing to the growth and success of their organization.

Criteria for Nomination

  1. A strong grasp of diverse marketing planning methods and their practical application.
  2. The ability to translate strategies into actionable plans with clear steps and timelines.
  3. Proficiency in identifying and using various marketing channels effectively.
  4. Consistently delivering innovative and creative marketing solutions.
  5. A commitment to tracking, analyzing, and adjusting strategies for optimal results.

This award recognizes outstanding companies/Agencies that have demonstrated creativity, innovation, and strategic excellence in planning, executing, and showcasing the impact of a public relations (PR) campaign on enhancing their organization’s external reputation.

This award celebrates exceptional digital campaigns that showcase well-considered strategies, precise utilization of digital channels, and successful execution to effectively engage target audiences while achieving campaign and business objectives.

This award honors outstanding agencies that showcase exceptional collaboration with clients to achieve business objectives. It recognizes agencies that effectively align their efforts with clients, working in synergy to reach specific goals.

The Judges’ Choice Award is a special recognition conferred based on the collective discretion of the judging panel. Through consensus, the judges will select the entry that has most impressed them, guided by a discussion session led by the Chief Judge. This award is granted to the brand that has effectively demonstrated the ability to disrupt the market.

For consideration, the brands MUST demonstrate how they successfully disrupted the market.

1. Eligibility

a)  Must be a member in good standing of MSK

b)  The award will be presented to an individual, group of individuals’ representative of the organization/Brand owner

2. Entry Requirements

a)   Nominations may be made by the organizations’/Brand owner’s Marketing department or senior management or Advertising/Creative/PR agency on express instructions from the organization/Brand Owner.

b)  Entries must be dated and have been executed or implemented during the calendar year December 2022 – September 2023.

Substantial revisions of previous award-winning entries may be submitted for consideration each year.

3. Award Process

The MSK adjudication committee screens all the entries received, adjudicates over all of them, nominates one or more and presents the name(s) of the ultimate recipient of the award in each category.

Award Presentation
  1. The MSK awards will be presented during the MSK annual Awards Gala night Dinner 2023.
  2. Winners will be feted with a trophy and a certificate to be issued by MSK in recognition of their outstanding achievements.
  3. Creative Agencies/ Individuals/Departments behind the winning campaigns will also be recognized and awarded a trophy and certificate.
  4. The winning entries will be featured in the MSK’s publication (Sokoni) special pullout and any other supporting Media.

4. Judging Criteria

Judges will assign points based on the:

  1. Quality of the submission/supporting materials provided/clarity of activity.
  2. Clarity of Insights, objectives, innovation, demonstration of strategy, execution, creativity and achieved ROI.
  3. Responsiveness to the specified target audience.
  4. Overall rating.

The success of a campaign presented depends not on the magnitude of the activity or item, but rather on the marketing creativity, innovation and utilization of marketing best practice.

The MSK Judging committee and the MSK council reserve the right to issue any award in any category if a worthy brand/brand owner/candidate is not identified during the entire judging process.

Winning case studies will be shared with members as a benchmark of marketing excellence. If your submission contains sensitive information clearly state and indicate which part or information MUST not be shared.