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Seminars (various) (duration 1 day but a maximum of 3 Days)

Seminar courses are generally designed to deliver general knowledge to a varied group of individuals who may be from different organizations, industries, sectors, education backgrounds, nationalities etc. Then aim of the seminar is to help the participants to appreciate the subject area, the trends in other jurisdictions, any notable changes that have occurred in the specific seminar subject area while at the same time deliver knowledge and skills, proper understanding and promote best practices in the seminar subject area.

From Ksh.20,000 per course (All inclusive)


MSK is a membership organization began in 1977 and operates under Section 10 of the Societies Act. The society’s main objectives are to develop a deeper knowledge of marketing to provide services for members and registered students and to make the principles and practices of marketing widely known and effectively used throughout the industry.

Our members range from Marketing companies, Media Owners, Advertising Agencies, Institutions of Higher Learning to individual Marketing Practitioners and Academicians. We train practicing marketers, brief members on new developments in marketing through our publication- Sokoni magazine, and facilitate and organize events on behalf of the members.


“To be the recognized professional authority setting and maintaining excellent standards for Marketing in Kenya and the rest of Africa”


The Marketing Society has a fully-fledged education and training department that develops courses tailor made to meet the ever-changing needs in the industry. The MSK Practitioners course has been running for over twenty years and leading marketers in the country have gone through the course, which is highly regarded in the industry.

(MSK courses are now more flexible than ever before to accommodate our busy schedules and are available across the Country through self study and Distance learning modes as well)

Our Seminar and short Courses in Marketing focus on the current issues and trends in marketing and marketing practice. Each of these courses will be covered in a day.

Professional Courses

Professional Courses

  1. MSK Executive Diploma in Marketing
  2. MSK Practitioners Diploma in Marketing
  3. MSK Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing
  4. MSK Diploma in Marketing
  5. MSK Certificate in Marketing
  6. Short Courses in Marketing
  7. Seminar Courses in Marketing
  8. In-house Training (In-house seminars/workshops)
  9. Professional Certification
  10. Marketing/Sales Audits
  11. Market Consultancies

Seminar Courses

Seminar Courses

  1. Branding and Brand Management
  2. Advanced Brand Management
  3. Marketing Planning and Control
  4. Customer Relationship Management
  5. Selling and Sales Management skills
  6. Public Relations
  7. Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers
  8. Effective territory Management
  9. E-Commerce
  10. Tourism Marketing
  11. Media Planning and media planning management

…and A wide range of other marketing and marketing related areas

Following is the courses brief description…

Cost: 10,000. Target group: Marketing/Brand executives/officers/representatives who deals directly with the organization’s product/service PART-A
  • Underlying Marketing Concepts
  • Marketing recap
  • The nature of needs
  • Wants that best satisfy needs
  • Changing needs?
  • The concepts of branding, brands
  • Brand equity and other terminologies
  • Successful brands Vs unsuccessful brands
  • The Whys?
  • Brand management practice
  • Syndicate (the ten most valuable brands in Kenya)
  • Brand building
  • Syndicate (a brand manager’s job)
Cost: 15,000. Target group: Senior Marketing/Brand executives/officers/representatives, Middle level marketing managers and above or anyone who has taken branding Management level one
  • Branding Mental Map
  • Core brand Associations
  • Identifying and establishing brand positioning
  • Strategies
  • Planning brand Marketing Programs
  • Implementing brand Programs
  • Measuring and interpreting brand performance.
  • Growing and sustaining brand equity
  • Brand equity over boundaries, culture and market Segments
  • Handling branding and brand’s setbacks.
Cost: 15,000. Target group: Marketing/Brand executives/officers/representatives who directly/indirectly interact with customers
  • Marketing overview
  • The nature of consumer needs.
  • Customer service defined
  • Customer relations skills
  • Research findings
  • Understanding different kinds of customers and how to handle them
  • Internal and external customers
  • Importance of internal customer care
  • Satisfying and retaining customers
  • Systems that support Customer service and Loyalty
  • Developing a customer focused culture
  • Customer Relationship Management, enhancing and
  • Rewarding Customer service
Cost: 15,000. Target group: Marketing/Brand executives/officers/representatives that constantly find themselves formulating marketing plans
  • Marketing overview
  • Underlying Marketing Concepts
  • The nature of consumer needs.
  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Contents of a marketing plan
  • Developing of a marketing plan
  • Control measures and mechanisms
  • Reviewing feedback and taking corrective measures
Cost: 15,000. Target group: Marketing/Brand executives/officers/representatives who are involved in media buying or planning for the organization or otherwise
  • Media Research
  • Methodology
  • Information areas
  • Data output and interpretation
  • Media Concepts e.g. Coverage, Reach and GRPS
  • Target Audience
  • Living Standard Measures (LSM)
  • Psychographic Profiling
  • Demographic segmentation
  • Media Segmentation
  • Media Science Application
  • Product launches
  • Growth brands
  • Mature brands
  • Brands in decline
  • Niche brands
  • Multi brand planning
Cost: 15,000. Target group: Senior Marketing/Brand executives/officers/representatives, Middle level marketing managers and above or anyone who has taken Effective Media Planning level one Evaluating Media Plans
  • Objectives
  • Target Audience
  • Situation/ Environment analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Media Strategy
  • Media Tactics
  • Measuring success
  • Post tracking
  • Post campaign analysis
  • Group Work: Case Study and presentations
  • Future of Media Planning –Surprise Guest Trainer
Cost: 15,000. Target group: Marketing/Brand executives/officers/representatives who operate in the modern business environment
  • Internet Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Internet
  • World Wide Web (WWW):
  • Website
  • E-marketing
  • Technological tools available
  • Application of Technology in marketing
  • Application in Sales
  • Marketing Communications
  • Search Engine Advertising,
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Blogs
  • Search engine optimization
Cost: 15,000. Target group: Marketing/Brand executives/officers/representatives who
  • Introduction and course overview
  • Definition of theory and practice of PR
  • The social context of PR & its growing importance
  • The organizational concept of PR and its role in organizational
  • Management
  • PR strategy and management
  • Implementation and evaluation of PR programmes
  • The role of research in PR
  • Identifying key publics internal and external & strategizing for effective communication
  • Corporate image and identity: methods & techniques
  • Crisis management

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