Block B - Unit 5 at 51 Lenana Road Kilimani
Nairobi, Kenya
Mon - Fri 8.30 am - 17.00 pm
25 Mar

Building Resilient Brands

This short course covers what it takes to build a resilient brand, a brand that’s engineered to ride the waves of market stress? Given the current economic landscape it’s easy to understand why a resilient brand matters.

Long before the concept of an “antifragile” brand became as ubiquitous as it has now, business leaders and owners have conceptually realized, indeed aspired to building a resilient business and brand for adversity. However, like many things in life, broadly understanding a principle is not the same as actually building and leveraging it to its full potential.

What you will learn:

  1. How Resilient Brands Don’t Wait Until Market Stress to Consider Their Brand Strategy – They Proactively Build for Market Stress
  2. How Resilient Brands Know Increased Market Stress Triggers Customers to Reassess their Brand Loyalty
  3. How Resilient Brands Provide Clear Roadmaps for Thriving in Market Stress
  4. Why Resilient Brands Doesn’t Need to Adapt to Market Stress – They’re Built For It
  5. When Market Stress Puts Brand Culture to the Test, Resilient Brands Thrive
  6. How Brand Style Guides Help Resilient Brands Manage and Thrive in Market Stress
  7. How Resilient Brand Strategy Trumps Reactionary Brand Tactics in Market Stress
  8. How Resilient Brands Value Long Term Brand Consistency Built for Market Stress Over Short Term Business Results
  9. How Internal Branding Helps Resilient Brands Navigate Increased Market Stress
  10. Prize Diversity During Market Stress
  11. Understand change as a default
  12. Resilient Brands in Market Stress



March 25, 2021