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Nairobi, Kenya
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Photo_Christopher Madison


MEMBERSHIP: Member for 7 Years. 


Christopher Madison is an accomplished executive with expertise in marketing and advertising, consumer psychology, behavioural science, digital media, and marketing research. He has a track record of scaling profitable businesses, building teams, removing obstacles for the team, and identifying and deploying new competencies.

Christopher has extensive senior level leadership development experience, having led organizations such as Dentsu Kenya, Isobar Kenya, TBWA East Africa, and Kantar’s digital business across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. He holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Hawai’i, an MA in Psychology from New York University, a BA in Psychology from Hampton University, and a Postgraduate Certification in Network Dynamics of Social Behaviour from the University of Pennsylvania.


As the Chief Executive Officer of Dentsu Kenya, I am bringing a wealth of experience in scaling businesses and bringing innovative companies to market around the world. At MSK, I will be looking to bring the same level of growth and innovation to the organization, with a focus on building strong partnerships and driving productivity to new levels.

As a leader, I stand for values such as integrity, accountability, and teamwork. I believe in creating a culture of collaboration and respect, where every member of the team is empowered to contribute their unique perspective and expertise towards achieving our shared goals.

In the marketing community, I will be bringing expertise in marketing and advertising, consumer psychology, behavioural science, digital media, marketing research, and senior-level leadership development. My experience in building successful teams and identifying and deploying new competencies will be an asset to MSK and its members.

My motivation behind taking on this role is driven by my passion for marketing and my desire to make a positive impact on the industry. I am excited to work with MSK to drive growth, innovation, and excellence in marketing and to help shape the future of the industry.