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Fiona Ngaruro is an E-commerce & Growth Marketing Consultant bringing 14+ years of experience working across Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific.

As a consultant Fiona works with companies that are looking to leverage digital commerce and digital tools to grow business.

Fiona provides bespoke training and consulting services that fit each organisation’s unique needs to help succeed in digital adoption and transformation.

Fiona has worked in various industries such as e-commerce, automobile, banking, healthcare, government, ethical fashion, agri-processing to name afew in both startup and corporate settings enabling her to understand their unique needs, challenges & environments.


My name is Fiona Ngaruro, a marketing technologist with over 14 years’ experience across Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific. My love for working at the intersection of marketing and technology began as I transitioned from a purely technology focused career as a Quality Assurance Engineer to one where data, technology, creativity met and are used collaboratively to drive more data-driven, insight-led, effective marketing strategies. I have had the privilege to work and lead large implementations of marketing technology platforms and strategies overseas in Australia for global technology, entertainment and automobile firms. This experience led me to work in the startup space locally, growing the Jumia Africa brand as Head of Growth for Kenya and Head of CRM Performance across 12 African markets. Subsequently I led the product development function at Squad Digital as Head of Product, leading the development of 2 applications for the B2C and B2B markets. I was recently recognised as one of the Top 25 Women in Digital in 2021 by the Soma Awards.

I am currently working as an E-commerce & Growth Marketing Consultant, working with businesses looking to leverage digital commerce and digital tools to grow. I enjoy working with businesses across industries providing training and consultancy services equipping them with knowledge, tools, strategies and resources to drive digital adoption in their organisations. I believe the role of marketing sits squarely at the centre of the organisation and requires marketers to be well-versed in matters business, technology, customer experience, innovation in addition to more traditional marketing principles.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge through publications like MSK Sokoni Magazine, LinkedIn, speaking events such as MSK Summit, African Women in Tech (AWIT), Commonwealth Business Women’s Network and also through student forums such as Strathmore Marketing Club & Zakike Leadership Program.

As an MSK Board Member I would like to do the following 4 things:

  1. Infuse the practice of data-driven marketing & marketing technology into our market given the world’s shift towards more measurable, efficient marketing that drives growth. I hope to do this by positioning MSK as a thought leader in this space by widening training modules to include more technical areas such as CRO, User & Customer Experience, Ecommerce, CRM, Product Marketing, Growth Marketing and so on. In addition, also providing up-skilling on marketing technology tools through partnerships with technology partners or organisations like dx5ve.
  2. Given the explosion of startups building products for both B2B & B2C markets, there is a need to cater for B2B marketers through our events and training modules. In the last few months, I have had encounters with business owners who struggle with how to market in a B2B context.
  3. Create more opportunities to share the art and science of marketing with up & coming marketers either at university or at the entry level. During my transition into marketing, I benefited from industry led initiatives that opened my eyes to the real workings of the industry and helped me to be better equipped when I did enter the workforce.
  4. Bring the power of marketing and technology to unrepresented groups like women, non-urban sectors, underrepresented populations to make marketing more inclusive to all levels within the society. Having worked with SMEs in these sectors such as the coffee industry and agri-processing across East Africa, I have realized the need to bring in these groups to create a more equitable marketing landscape.

I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside seasoned fellow marketers to equip and position the industry for the changing world.