Block B - Unit 5 at 51 Lenana Road Kilimani
Nairobi, Kenya
Mon - Fri 8.30 am - 17.00 pm




MEMBERSHIP: Full Member for 4 Years. 


Education & Professional Qualification:

  1. PhD in Business Administration, Dedan Kimathi University January 2021 to date.
  2. Certified Public Secretaries (Advanced Level).
  1. Master of Science in Purchasing and Supply, Mount Kenya University, Jan 2015- July 2017
  2. Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing Option), Second Class, Upper Division, Moi University, August- 2008 to April 2012

Professional Experience

  1.   Head of  Admissions and Marketing Garissa University 2014 to date
  2.   Field Sales Representative, Wrigely EA Company Limited, August 2013 to June 2014


Membership Recruitment and Drive in North-Eastern Kenya

MSK is not a popular professional body in North Eastern Kenya. This is as a result of lack of representation from this end of the country. We have few marketers from Northern Kenya because of the same. With my election into the board, I assure that the council will have more members and also encourage students to pursue marketing courses and become members of MSK.

As the Head of Marketing and Admissions at the university, it will give me opportunity to register members and drive the membership within the region and eventually have a regional branch.

Continuous Development of Members.

Most of the members after completing their university and getting opportunity to work, never get the chance to develop their professions. I assure members that with my election, I will ensure that the trainings of the members are subsidized so as to encourage more members to attend the trainings.

Members need to take advantage of the trainings and most of them are deterred by financial constraints.

Diversity in Representation.

With my election into the Council, it will instill confidence into members who feel they are not represented. My election will portray the face of Kenya as I shall be representing a whole region who have never been represented in the council.

This will then encourage the people to have a sense of ownership of MSK which will then lead them joining the body.