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The theme for this year is Marketing in the Age of Disruption. One may ask why this theme??

“The future doesn’t belong to the big – it belongs to the fast,”

We find that our environment is changing every day and we need to continuously adapt this change, the new buzzword has morphed from CHANGE to DISRUPTION, and we as marketers are right smack in the middle of this shift. We are being challenged to be more innovative, to take charge of the bottom line and best of all the customer journey.

There’s never been a better time to be a human being in marketing; It’s with this in mind that the apt selection of this theme resonates with our daily lives, from technology to purchasing decisions to lifestyle changes have all been disrupted and the today marketer is constantly challenged to address this.

So, marketers what campaigns have you created to address this challenge, what customer journeys have you disrupted to succeed, what knowledge transfer portals are you using to gain more?

We, as MSK, can go on and on with queries, but it’s for you to show and tell us how you have done this, this will be the underlying theme as we walk into the Gala awards and we ask you to walk very fast with us on this journey.

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