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COVID-19’s rapid spread has changed everything we knew about consumer’s purchase patterns. Increased social restrictions, unemployment, remote work, limited access to products and services, among other economic and

societal shifts have had a drastic effect on consumers behavior – Some, potentially long-term. As the uncertainties of the COVID-19 crisis continue to impact consumer behavior, businesses need to stay attuned to the changes and pivot their marketing strategies in a timely manner.

To adapt to this change, you can adopt some of the following strategies:


Enhance brand emotional intelligence – Right now, your most important stakeholder is a human being who is craving comfort and connection. Ensure your marketing campaigns touch that sentiment.

Adjust acquisition strategy – Tailor it based on consumer preferences. For instance, A great number of people in Kenya have increased the use of messaging apps, a channel business can heavily rely on.


Provide memorable experiences responsibly – For instance, Safaricom, a telecommunication company, launched the Zuri option to respond to clients queries via WhatsApp.

Promote creatively – Humane marketing will play a big part in triggering customers to buy. This may come via social marketing, newsletters, targeted discounting offers, etc.


Share your firm’s story – Another way to connect with consumers is to share your firm’s story succinctly – about changes you made, how your organization adapted, etc.


Ask for feedback, implement it quickly – Given the fact that we are in the midst of something unprecedented, it will be easier to optimize if you have a pulse on consumer sentiment. Embedding aftercare services such as a 365-day return policy and pick up from home could help you to differentiate from your competition.


Foster brand loyalty – Consumers are much more susceptible to changing preferences in a crisis scenario. Retain existing or acquire new customers by launching new loyalty campaigns or innovate by introducing a recommerce Model.


Businesses need to have a deep understanding of consumer behavior in order to achieve their goals. Nowadays, the focus is on the integration of technology but at the same time we need to maintain the balance between the digital and human touch. The key is to make adjustments according to what your customers want. The best way to do that is by letting them guide your decisions in growing your business.