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Marketing Society of Kenya Gala 2016 Winners

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Award category Organization Marketing Agency behind the campaign The Marketing Campaign
1 Best Advertising Campaign
Winner Safaricom Scanad Marketing the Network
1st Runners Up Safaricom Saracen Blaze
2nd Runners Up Unilever Mindshare Lifebuoy
2 Best Experiential Campaign
Winner EABL Swivel Marketing Tusker Twende Rio
1st Runners Up Safaricom Seven Brand/Game Changers Blaze
2nd Runners Up Barclays EXP Momentum Wezesha Biashara
3 Best Digital Marketing Campaign
Winner Airtel Ogilvy Africa The Madaraka Day Story
1st Runners Up Airtel Ogilvy & Mather Africa,Ogilvy One UnlimiNET 20
2nd Runners Up Safaricom Bean Interactive Blaze
4 Best Brand Loyalty Campaign
Winner Vivo Energy YDX Naomba Nicheki Mbele
1st Runners Up Optiven Ltd Optiven Ltd Ploti Mfukoni
2nd Runners Up EABL Swivel Marketing Pilsner Shikilia Nganya
5 Best Distribution Strategy and Implementation
Winner ICT Authority PMS Digischool
1st Runners Up Cadbury Kenya Centrestage Cadbury Kenya Distribution Strategy
2nd Runners Up PS Kenya Swivel Marketing Kuwa True
6 Best Product Launch Campaign
Winner KCB Squad Digital Ule msee
1st Runners Up Bradley Kenya Limited Transcend Media Group its big
2nd Runners Up Safaricom Saracen Media Group Blaze
7 Best Sales Promotion Campaign
Winner Vivo Energy YDX Naomba Nicheki Mbele
1st Runners Up EABL JWT Smirnoff,Johnie Walker & Baileys
2nd Runners Up P & G YDX Ariel Mall Activation
8 Best Sports Marketing
Winner Coca Cola Ogilvy & Mather Africa Taste the feeling/Euro Cup
9 Best Product Re-launch
Winners PS Kenya Transcend Media Group Kuwa True
1st Runners Up Unilever Hallmark Sunlight- Burst after burst of long
2nd Runners Up Resolution Health Ogilvy & Mather Africa The Gourds Campaign
10 Best Sustainability Marketing and Social Enterprise
Winner KCB Foundation Scanad,Squad Digital,Ogilvy PR,KCB Marketing & KCB Foundation teams 2jiajiri campaign
1st Runners Up Unilever EA Sajeki Agency Lifebuoy-Sherry
11 Judges Choice Award
ICT Authority PMS Group Digi School
12 Best Brand PR Campaign
Winner DSTV Ogilvy and Mather, Africa Thunderclap
1st Runners Up Optiven Limited Optiven Limited Pata Ploti B4 40
2nd Runners Up Airtel Ogilvy and Mather, Africa Madaraka Day Story
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