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MSK Members to Access Professional Mentorship from Prosper Mentor

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The Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) and Prosper Mentor today announced the commencement of a jointly run personalized mentorship and coaching program for marketing professionals and university students across Kenya.

  • MSK members can now access online career Mentorship from experienced Fortune 1000 professionals at the click of a button.
  • Students to have free access to content repository including videos and articles on that relate to various management, leadership, and career topics.
  • Prosper Mentor is an award-winning online company that connects you to seasoned professionals for personalized, trustworthy, and affordable advice.

This unique partnership enables the Marketing Society of Kenya to tap into the impressive Prosper Mentor portfolio of more than 100 global industry leaders in various fields. This diversity of mentors helps it achieve its goal of driving growth in the industry through continuous education, training and business mentorship for marketing professionals, students and entrepreneurs.

“We have a commitment to offer value to our members. Valuable partnerships like Prosper Mentor with a big professional network of mentors will help us deliver this commitment to our members. I am excited about this partnership with Prosper Mentor as it is not just about Career Mentorship, it goes beyond that, it’s about life mentorship, adding value to our members in terms of their life. I urge our members and the industry to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to grow with proven professional Prosper Mentors.” Said MSK Chairman Charles Kariuki during the launch of the partneship.

Career and personal growth remain a core motivation for many, leaving them at crossroads with opportunities for improvement in career development, planning, reignition and rejuvenation. Prosper Mentor connects people with highly qualified and experienced professional mentors online to develop and improve their management, life and social skills thereby expanding their viewpoints, and gaining new perspectives of approaching and managing situations.

People rise to greater heights when those before them pave the way. People soar higher when they have a guide that leads them to their true North. Much like a GPS, mentors are a tried-and-true navigation system through life’s big questions, career transitions and everything in between.

“We are excited to take this important step with MSK, which provides the opportunity for both organizations to leverage their comparative advantage to drive meaningful change in the lives of many.” said Prosper Mentor Founder and CEO Topyster Muga adding that “we are 100% focused on offering personalized, safe and affordable access to global industry leaders who not only instill but also distil their expertise to those hungering to follow in their footsteps.”

Prosper Mentor has a diverse stable of highly experienced local, regional, international and global professionals offering personal and career guidance for wholistic growth in a range of fields from marketing, finance, business development via its virtual mentorship platform.

“Prosper’s innovative and scalable approach to mentorship provides MSK with versatile and proven way to scale access to safe and affordable mentorship for its members in pursuit of lasting positive professional growth to those who hunger for it.” MSK CEO Edward Oswe

Prosper Mentor has recently upgraded its user interface and streamlined payment systems to cater to a wider pool of mentors on their web-based platform and ensure a seamless quality experience for mentors and mentees on the platform.

Prosper Mentor charges a consideration of Kshs.5000.00 for each professional mentorship session for individuals comprising of up to 10 mentees. Students will have access to free content repository including videos and articles on various subjects from choosing and starting a career, CV writing, acing the interview, salary negotiations, self-awareness, personal branding, digital presence, mental health, emotional intelligence, physical fitness, personal resilience, personal productivity and meaningful relationships on the Prosper Mentor website and social media pages.

MSK members can start their mentorship journey towards the realization of their greatest self by getting onto to select their preferred disciplines and choice of mentors.

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